Business Process Design


The Destin team is passionate about optimising your business processes and we believe that this is an essential element in any business transformation initiative.

Our process experts help you to:
Understand the current state of your business processes

  • Are your processes responsive to your changing needs?
  • Do you have duplication of activity or ineffective processes that cause frustration for you and your customers?
  • Are your processes defined and understood?
  • Do all of your staff currently use the same processes?
  • Do management and staff share the same understanding of your processes?

Define what you want your processes to be

  • Are your processes best practice?
  • How do your processes impact your customers and what improvements would they like?
  • Are there improvements that you can make to leverage off the capabilities of your software applications?
  • Are there improvements that you can make to help future proof your organisation?
  • Do any of your processes exist only because “that is how we have always done it?”
  • Are you meeting all of your legislative requirements?

Map how to get from what you have to where you want to be

  • How can the transition be made seamless for your customers?
  • Is there an optimal path to ensure success, with minimum fuss?
  • How will change be managed within the organisation to ensure enthusiastic adoption of new processes?

Destin uses proven methodologies and templates that considerably reduce the time required to conduct process workshops.

We work very closely with you. We recognise that your people are the experts on your processes, and we believe in engaging with them very closely to understand your organisation’s own unique needs.

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